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Running a business is hard work, but knowing your employees and operations are protected can make it that much easier. We arm you with the insights you need to keep on top of commercial insurance trends and topics, so you can be in-the-know and have peace of mind.

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    Coverage for Diagnosis & Treatment of COVID-19

    March 19, 2020Fred C. Church

    As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to unfold, the impact is being felt by both business owners and employees alike. Each day that passes, Fred C. Church can provide critical updates from the Federal and State governments related to the health and well-being of your employees. Today’s updates cover health insurance coverage, short term disability, and…

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      COVID-19 Business Insurance Coverage

      Fred C. Church

      Is there a basis for making a coronavirus claim? Every day, there are new learnings and developments related to the coronavirus (or COVID-19). As the world works collaboratively to contain any further spread of the virus and we are all doing our best to adapt to rapidly changing conditions, this is truly an unprecedented situation….

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        COVID-19 Insurance Information Center

        March 12, 2020Fred C. Church

        As this is a continually evolving situation, you should consult your local and state health agency for the latest information in your community. If you wish to discuss your risk management plan or your insurance coverage, please get in touch with your Fred C. Church representative. As more information unfolds, we will be updating this…

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          Commercial Auto Insurance Tips When Employees Use Personal Vehicles on the Job

          February 26, 2020Fred C. Church

          In 2019, the Outdoor + Adventure practice group at Fred C. Church rolled out an “investigative” blog series, called Mythbusters. The previous four posts in this series featured industry veterans expertly debunking and sharing their knowledge about some of the most common misconceptions held by clients who own and operate outdoor and adventure businesses. To…

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