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Running a business is hard work, but knowing your employees and operations are protected can make it that much easier. We arm you with the insights you need to keep on top of commercial insurance trends and topics, so you can be in-the-know and have peace of mind.

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    Do Liability Waivers Protect Outdoor & Adventure Organizations?

    September 19, 2019Fred C. Church

    If you’ve been following the goings-on of the Outdoor + Adventure team at Fred C. Church, then you are probably familiar with a blog series that we launched earlier this year, called “Mythbusters.” The goal of this series has been to expertly debunk some of the most common misconceptions that we hear from our clients…

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      Risk Identification & Risk Management

      August 11, 2019Fred C. Church

      Is your company’s current risk management mindset a recipe for disaster? You’re no doubt familiar with the expression, “out of the frying pan and into the fire.” As a senior business leader, you may have unfortunately experienced the sensation of going from a bad situation to an even worse one. The daily reality for top…

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        Protect Your Manufacturing Business from Common Cyber Threats

        June 30, 2019Fred C. Church

        The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. Manufacturers are replacing their tried and true analog processes with more advanced technological solutions including networking machinery with computers, using CAD/CAM data files, and integrating A.I. and other machine-learning software into their operation to stay competitive. With these technological advancements come increased efficiency, capabilities, and convenience. On the downside,…

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          Top Outdoor & Adventure Business Myths Debunked – Myth #3

          June 23, 2019Fred C. Church

          As one of the industry’s leading risk management specialists, the Fred C. Church Outdoor + Adventure practice group addresses misconceptions on a daily basis that we gladly, and expertly, debunk for our clients and business associates. We decided to take all of this knowledge and turn it into a series of mythbusting blogs so that…

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