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Are you confident your Technology company is getting first-class risk management protection?

As a company that specializes in technology, you clearly understand the significance of having a secure firewall. If an organization doesn’t have this critical network protection in place, it is greatly exposed to cyber risks. Fred C. Church believes that insurance protection is also an essential “firewall” for businesses like yours. Our approach is first to examine your operation—from the way you communicate with your clients to the way your employees protect your intellectual property—in order to uncover a potential risk. We do all we can to help you mitigate these risks before they happen, not just those that you face day to day, but also those that you could encounter six months, a year, or three years from now. Aligning yourself with a brokerage who understands that even the tiniest mistake can have far-reaching effects on your operation is critical to the success of your tech company.

$4 Million

Average cost of a data breach as of 2019*

Areas Of Focus

Serving the insurance needs of technology companies across the U.S.

Whether you are a startup enterprise or a well-established company, operating a business that specializes in technology means you need to stay one step ahead of the trends and the competition. Always looking forward is one of the things Fred C. Church does exceptionally well. We focus on staying ahead of the risks technology companies face today, as well as those you may encounter in the future.

We deliver customized risk management programs and services to tech companies of varying business classes and sizes, including:

  • Communication and Network Service Providers

  • Electronics and Hardware Manufacturers

  • Software and Systems Developers

  • Technology Services Consultants

  • Robotics and Defense Contractors

  • Biotech and Medical Device Researchers

  • Energy and Green Technology Manufacturers

  • And More

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Why partner with Fred C. Church Insurance as your risk resource?

One of the many benefits of being a privately held, employee-owned brokerage is our ability to represent numerous highly rated insurance carriers, many of whom are the best in the industry. These appointments allow us to provide tech companies of varying size, exposure, and specialty with comprehensive insurance solutions, including Directors & Officers Insurance, Technology Errors & Omissions, Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Cyber Liability, and more.

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More Details

Because your technology company needs more than just a comprehensive insurance program.

Finding insurance solutions for your tech company’s specific risks, as well as to cover some of the most common industry exposures, is an essential part of our job as your insurance broker but by no means the most important. We also know it’s critical for your company to find an insurance team to provide guidance with ongoing risk mitigation assessments and risk management tools, and one who has experience working with technology businesses. When you hire Fred C. Church, you are choosing knowledgeable, experienced, and dependable collaborators who will be by your side to celebrate your victories and be there to support you when you are confronting an unexpected threat.

With Fred C. Church as your broker, you gain access to many tools and services to help you manage your risk, which may include:

  • Risk Management Consultants
  • Claims Specialists
  • Online Training Programs
  • Training Materials
  • Certificates of Insurance

  • 24/7 Risk Management Center
  • Incident Tracking – OSHA 300 Log
  • Safety Data Sheet Management
  • Auto/Fleet Safety Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Roundtables
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • White Papers

Our Three-Step Risk Management Process

Working hand-in-hand with you to regularly monitor your company’s potential losses.


We start by mapping out your potential operational and financial risks; how likely each is to happen and how frequently; and what impact they may have on your organization and finances. Then, working together, we take a proactive and strategic approach to help you determine which risks require your attention first.


Our goal is to understand how you currently deal with your identified risks and if this aligns with our knowledge of best practices for your specific industry. We also review your current insurance policies, and their limits and exclusions, to discover possible gaps or redundancies that may warrant changes to your plan.


Our team puts together a risk management program to address the risks you knew about, but that may not have been adequately covered, and those that we identified for you through this process. We then offer a variety of insurance solutions that will allow you to make decisions that align with your appetite for risk.

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