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Are you confident your Outdoor and Adventure organization is getting first-class risk management protection?

From the outside, people looking at your outdoor and adventure-based business might describe it as “exciting” and “fun.” While it is those things, they will never know that the pleasure they get out of the experience you offer them is only possible because you and your team are laser-focused on your organization’s safety and risk management. With nearly 45 years of collective experience working with outdoor and adventure-based businesses like yours, the team at Fred C. Church understands what serious concerns are occupying your mind daily. From participants practicing unsafe behaviors on a trip to employees using poor judgment as they are guiding your clients, these are just a few actions that have the potential to cause a severe, even life-threatening, accident or injury. For this reason, it is essential that you hire a risk management resource that you can rely on to help you protect your organization, your staff, and your participants.

45 Years

Combined experience in the
Outdoor + Adventure Industry

Areas Of Focus

Serving the needs of outdoor and adventure organizations across the U.S.

Outdoor and adventure-based businesses are as diverse as the operators and educators who run them. However, there are common threads that weave everyone together: their experience in the field and their passion for what they do. You should expect your insurance broker to have these same traits. While our team of risk resources is made up of highly skilled insurance specialists, we also have unparalleled hands-on field safety and leadership experience in the outdoor and adventure industry. By combining our extensive risk management knowledge with our personal, firsthand understanding of the programs and services your organization provides, our team will offer valuable insights to your business.

We deliver customized risk management programs and services to a wide variety of outdoor and adventure businesses, including:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare
  • Global & Experiential Education Programs
  • Conservation Organizations
  • Guide Services & Mountain Clubs
  • Adventure and International Travel Operators
  • Indoor & Outdoor Recreation Programs
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Retail Goods Manufacturers
  • Climbing Gyms

Why partner with Fred C. Church Insurance as your risk resource?

One of the many benefits of being an independent agent is our ability to represent numerous highly rated insurance carriers, many of whom are the best in the industry. This arrangement allows us to provide outdoor and adventure organizations of varying size, exposure, and specialty with comprehensive insurance solutions, including General Liability, Professional Liability, Directors & Officers, Employment Practices Liability, Travel Insurance, Cyber Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers’ Compensation, and more.

More Details

Because your outdoor and adventure organization needs more than just a business insurance program.

At Fred C. Church, we understand that carrier stability and price predictability are a high priority for your outdoor and adventure-based business. However, we know of equal or even greater importance to you are the safety and well-being of your staff and participants. As such, we schedule regular meetings with many of our clients where we review any changes that may affect your insurance program and risk management processes. From exploring who at your company could get hurt and how, to what kind of financial liability your leadership team and board members might face and what special projects you have on the horizon, we are committed to collaborating with you on your insurance programs and beyond. The experience we’ve gained working with outdoor and adventure organizations across the country has led our team to develop crisis management tools, risk mitigation assessments, and more, all of which we look forward to sharing with you.

With Fred C. Church as your broker, you gain access to many tools and services to help you manage your risk, which may include:

  • Risk Management Consultants
  • Claims Specialists
  • Online Training Programs
  • Training Materials
  • Certificates of Insurance

  • 24/7 Risk Management Center
  • Incident Tracking – OSHA 300 Log
  • Safety Data Sheet Management
  • Auto/Fleet Safety Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Roundtables
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • White Papers

Our Three-Step Risk Management Process

Working hand-in-hand with you to regularly monitor your company’s potential losses.


We start by mapping out your potential operational and financial risks; how likely each is to happen and how frequently; and what impact they may have on your organization and finances. Then, working together, we take a proactive and strategic approach to help you determine which risks require your attention first.


Our goal is to understand how you currently deal with your identified risks and if this aligns with our knowledge of best practices for your specific industry. We also review your current insurance policies, and their limits and exclusions, to discover possible gaps or redundancies that may warrant changes to your plan.


Our team puts together a risk management program to address the risks you knew about, but that may not have been adequately covered, and those that we identified for you through this process. We then offer a variety of insurance solutions that will allow you to make decisions that align with your appetite for risk.

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5 stars

I have been working with the Fred C. Church team for over twenty years and the reason I stay there is their commitment to customer service and the relationship that has developed over the years. I trust them to do the best for me personally and my company. I started with them providing our property and casualty insurance and it has progressed to my homeowners insurance and all of our health insurance and benefits.

Frank Granara, President & CEO at General Insulation

Fred C. Church was by far the most productive call I made when our school had a serious fire on campus. Knowing that I was going to be warmly and professionally counseled provided me great confidence as I placed that difficult call on a Saturday in August.

Ed Griffin, Chief Financial Officer at Pomfret School

Fred C. Church does more than say, “It’s the people.” They practice, “It’s the people.” From their unmatched and outstanding customer service and follow-up to their commitment to negotiating the best policies for the fairest price, the people at Fred C. Church exceed our expectations every day.

Linda Lyons, Director, Human Resources at Brockway-Smith Company

We turned to Fred C. Church because we wanted an insurance broker that understood our needs as an employee-owned company. Not only did we get that, but we also got a company that has helped us navigate some complex business issues that we have experienced as a government contractor. We have found the people of Fred C. Church to be a valuable partner in helping us run our business better.

Donald Reynolds, Vice President of Finance and Administration at Charles River Analytics

Fred C. Church is not just an insurance broker that you only see at renewal but a trusted partner that will work alongside us to help us align our insurance program with the organization’s strategic goals. I know when I need them that they will be there for me.

Dawn Barker, Vice President, Human Resources at RiverWoods

We’re committed to doing our very best for you.

We’re committed to doing our very best for you.