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Protect your home and belongings from the most common and costly disaster

Miles of lakes, rivers, and streams run throughout New England providing many homeowners like you with a bird’s-eye view of Boston or Portsmouth Harbor, the Atlantic Ocean, or the Merrimack River. But even if your primary residence or vacation home is not directly on the coastline, there are so many waterways in this area it is likely that at least one of your properties sits near a body of water. At Fred C. Church, we can appreciate the many benefits of investing in property close to the water, but we also see the inherent risk. Flood events are coming with more frequency and intensity than ever before, so it is critical to have a plan in place for this potential catastrophe. Our team is here to help you prepare by finding the right flood insurance for your unique property.


Percentage of flood claims filed in low to moderate flood risk areas*
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Critical Coverage For All

Wondering whether flood insurance is something you need?

Unwanted water in your home – even as little as an inch – may rot wood, rust steel, stain walls and upholstery, increase the risk of mold growth, carry bacteria and sewage, destroy your personal belongings, and much more. No matter how water seeps into your home it is likely to ruin everything in its path and leave you with thousands of dollars’ worth of damages to repair. But, although flood events cause billions of dollars in property damage every year, many homeowners remain uninsured or underinsured for this type of catastrophe. According to FEMA, we all live in an area with some level of flood risk. At Fred C. Church, we want to help all our clients, not just those living in flood-prone areas, to consider their potential losses should a flood event hit their area and to fully understand the tremendous benefits of having flood insurance.

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Talk to an insurance professional about your flood risk.

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Talk To An Insurance Professional About Your Flood Risk

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Why would you need flood insurance when you already have home insurance?

Fred C. Church wants you to know that while some water damage may be covered by your homeowners policy, flooding is not.

There can be many causes of water damage in a home, all of them equally dreaded by homeowners. However, many property owners take some comfort in thinking that their home insurance will be there to help cover the cost of repairs or replacement of their water-damaged items. But, what homeowners commonly do not fully understand is that the standard home insurance policy only covers specific types of water damage, and flooding is not listed among them.

Should flooding impact your home and belongings, having a flood policy in place means you get essential coverage for repairs or replacement of everything from your home systems, like electrical and plumbing, to appliances – such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine and dryer – to carpeting and window treatments. In addition, flood insurance provides coverage for replacing cabinets, personal belongings, foundation walls, staircases, and more. A flood can have a devastating financial impact on a homeowner, but with the proper flood insurance policy, you will have the means to put your home and life back together again more quickly.

A couple industrial fans in a room to help the drying and restoration process of the sewage water damage

Here are three additional reasons to talk to Fred C. Church about flood insurance today:

  • We help you understand the changing rules, regulations, and flood maps and zones that are regularly put forth by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

  • We provide insight into the primary factors that determine your flood insurance rate

  • We may be able to significantly lower your flood insurance premium through the private flood insurance marketplace

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If you choose to work with Fred C. Church as your insurance broker, you will experience our unique approach to finding the right protection plan for you. You will also see how important it is to us that you wholly understand flood insurance coverage and how it safeguards your most meaningful assets. Most important, you will learn that, as an independent, employee-owned company, we don’t answer to anyone but you. Our only responsibility is to serve your personal goals, needs, and situation. With Fred C. Church, you will always come first.

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