Listen to our four-part webinar series for outdoor and adventure organization and experiential education programs.

As risk management professionals, the team at Fred C. Church understands the heavy toll stress can have on the mental health and wellbeing of you and your staff.

Therefore, we welcome you to download and watch to a four-part webinar series about Managing Mental Health Emergencies. This educational series was initially recorded last Fall and led by mental health professional and P3 Mental Health Advisors co-founder Gary Robinson, Ed.D., LMHC.

Session 1- Mental Health 101 and Emotional First Aid

This first webinar will set the foundation for the other three. Listeners will learn turnkey techniques for assessing and supporting anyone who is struggling with potential mental health issues while participating in a program or engaged in educational pursuits. You will also benefit from a brief overview of the psychological differences between each generation as well as a more detailed discussion of current mental health research on today’s youth.

The Mental Health Pyramid

Session 2 – Level One Risks and Responses

We will describe a set of lower mental health situations commonly seen on programs, such as students or participants dealing with issues related to relationships, family/home-life, verbal bullying/exclusion, and grief problems.

Session 3 – Level Two Risks and Responses

We do a “deeper dive” into how to support students or participants dealing with more moderate mental health situations, such as trauma, substance abuse, disordered eating, self-mutilation, and other chronic mental illness histories.

Session 4 – Level Three Risks and Responses

We describe a set of high-level mental health situations and examine how to stabilize and support any students or participants dealing with recent sexual assault, suicidal thinking, eating disorders, substance addiction, or other serious mental health crises.

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