George Lucas, Jr.

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George Lucas, Jr.

MBA, Ph.D.

Director of Business Development

George has been the Director of Business Development at Fred C. Church since 2019. In this role, he is responsible for the management and facilitation of the agency’s sales process and organic growth strategy. Prior to joining the team full-time, George had been operating as a sales consultant for the company since 2015. With over four years working in tandem with senior management, advising the producers and helping to streamline the sales process, accepting the position as Director of Business Development was a natural fit.

In addition to consulting with Fred C. Church, Lucas played a central role in assisting a variety of other companies with the development of more proactive and proficient organic growth cultures. While working at Schul Baker Partners, a competitive risk management brokerage firm, he pioneered a Business Development School program which specifically trained the sales teams. This innovative program was created for the client’s U.S. and international teams and was credited for helping their producers and client executives advance their relationship management and negotiation skills.

George enjoys spending his personal time with his wife Kelly, grown sons and many friends, early morning walks with his pit bull Rocko, eating well, good wine, and visiting exciting places all over the world. 

Photo of Fred C. Church team member George H. Lucas, Jr.

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