The link connecting employee health behaviors, health care costs, and the bottom line has never been more compelling. In today’s marketplace, employers are seeking sustainable ways to reduce expenses while recruiting and retaining a committed, productive workforce.

Here is how we help:

Wellness Audits

Audits include culture of the client, leadership support, cafeteria and vending, smoking policies and physical grounds. A needs and interest survey is also sent to the employees to help determine their level of interest and best methods of communication. A summary of findings from each audit will be presented for review along with next steps. The Wellness Practice will work closely with each client to implement the action items and work through road blocks.

Program Foundation

Health management programs need to have a clear identity that includes a mission and vision, program goals and objectives and an effective wellness team to support the program efforts. The Wellness Practice will provide templates to establish these entities and provide clients with guidelines for maintaining an effective wellness committee.

Data Collection

Providing a yearly Health Assessment is critical in order to measure baseline risk and change. The team will analyze the results and provide interpretation and action steps in an aggregate report. Incentive management can also be provided.

Education and Training

Creating awareness among employees requires a combination of written, in-person and online education. Each client will be provided with a calendar of agreed upon topics (based on data collection) as well as a comprehensive training schedule.


With the myriad of information available to employees, The Wellness Practice can create a customized “healthcare hub” for employees to access their health management information. Monthly or quarterly newsletters are also provided based upon client preference.

On-going Support

Health management is a wonderful idea however; it can be overwhelming with the complexity and manpower needed. To overcome this, The Wellness Practice will provide clients with step-by-step plans and templates to create a unique and successfully maintained program for their employees. Quarterly “check-ups” will be provided to ensure the clients are comfortable and on-track with their program goals.