When it comes to insurance, many employees often don’t understand the variety of benefits and details of their policies. Fred C. Church will provide everything needed to ensure your employees know their benefits and how to use them.

Strategic Planning

Making your employees aware of the advantages and costs associated with their benefits can help control your overall insurance plan expenses. We’ll provide a plan tailored to your employees that outlines their entire benefits package throughout their employment.

Tools and Templates

Avoid confusion and take the pressure off your Human Resources department. Our Communications and Education Practice provides assistance programs and documents to explain your employees’ benefits in understandable, digestible language.

Benefit Statements

Illustrating the costs associated with your employee benefits plans is the best way for them to understand these expenses. We’ll provide statements that reflect costs from medical and dental to employment taxes and retirement plans in a way that’s easy to comprehend.


Federal and state regulations require employee notifications on a variety of topics, and is helpful for decision-making. We’ll provide personalized documents covering these regulations so you can be sure you’re in compliance and keeping your employees informed.

Summary of Benefits

The more your employees know, the easier the benefits administration process will be for them and your Human Resources department. We’ll provide a concise benefits summary tailored for your company’s needs and reflecting your mission.

Open Enrollment

Using benefits to their fullest advantage often means making changes when necessary. Empower your employees to use open enrollment periods to make their benefit work better for their circumstances. We’ll provide detailed materials that address common questions and explain the process.

Ongoing Support

Maintaining a cutting-edge employee communications program helps your entire company; especially your Human Resources department. We’ll provide continuous support and resources every step of the way as part of our Communications and Education Practice.