As the roles of the Human Resources and Finance Departments continue to expand, providing a reliable resource for employee benefits is imperative. Our Account Management Team serves as the conduit to insurance coverages. All aspects of plan design, maintenance, renewal, claims analysis and marketing are monitored throughout the year. The team acts as designer, negotiator, and problem solver, thereby allowing Human Resources and finance to focus on other critical aspects of their roles. The Account Management Team regularly trains  internally and externally, streamlining processes and collaborating with peers to ensure the programs and benefits we deliver to clients are cost effective, administratively feasible and competitive.


Services include:


  • Claims analysis and projections
    • Monthly loss ratio review
    • Large claims monitoring
    • Utilization analysis
    • Rx drivers
  • Network proficiency
  • Plan design analysis and comparison
  • Benchmarking
  • Reserve calculations

Strategic Long Term Planning

  • Vendor evaluation
  • Request for proposal creation
  • Leverage knowledge and vendor relationships
  • Network disruption testing
  • Medical/Rx contract discount comparison
  • Results presentation and interviews/site visits

Funding Analysis

  • Fully insured enhancements
    • HRA
    • FSA
    • HSA
  • Self funding
  • Health care captive arrangements
  • Private exchange
  • Employee cost share
    • Defined contribution
    • Buy up/Buy down scenarios
    • Wellness contingent contributions

Client Advocacy

  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Conduit to insurance carriers
  • Resolve company and member concerns
    • Claims
    • Billing
    • Membership
  • Plan interpretation support
  • Contract/policy review