Employee Benefits Help Drive Business

As an employer, you have a variety of programs and benefits to choose from to offer your employees. When you work with Fred C. Church, we’ll help you evaluate your current offerings and make recommendations for changes, additions or enhancements. There may be more cost-effective alternatives available as well that meet your business needs and the needs of your employees.

Our employee benefits practice consists of four main areas, which were developed based on the monitoring of our clients’ needs, changes in legislative trends, and the need for a shift in employee behavior toward health and wellness.

Plan Management: Providing a reliable resource for employee benefits to handle insurance coverages. Plan design, maintenance, renewal, claims analysis and marketing are handled throughout the year by the account management team, streamlining and expediting all processes.

Communications/Education: Constructing comprehensive, accurate and understandable materials to help employees understand the benefits available to them. This information can be delivered on a multitude of platforms from web portals to flyers.

Wellness: Applying years of experience to help you facilitate effective wellness programs for your employees. Emphasis on healthy behavior helps mitigate health care costs for your business as well as on a larger scale. We’ll work with you to customize the best programs for your employees.

Compliance: With the ever-changing rules and regulations around compliance, we can help ensure your business is current. We provide audits, compliance checklists throughout the year, seminars and training, and are always available to offer assistance in specific situations.

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