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We Live and Breathe the Education World

Working with more than 200 schools, colleges and universities gives us a unique knowledge of the risks associated with educational institutions.

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Insurer relationships

  • There are a lot of companies that provide insurance, but not all of them understand the uniqueness of schools.
  • We have strong relationships with the best-in-class insurance companies that understand education.
  • Education insurance companies trust us because of our expertise and commitment to doing the right thing for our school clients.

Proactive hands-on service philosophy

  • While schools share many similar characteristics, we understand that each institution has their own aspects that make it special. Our hands on approach allows us to become part of your community to understand specifically what makes your school special.
  • Ways that we get involved:
    • Attend Safety Committee meetings
    • Perform campus enterprise risk assessments
    • Review written programs
    • Attend Board meetings
    • Coordinate training programs with client insurers

Responsive research

  • While we always strive to be proactive with our clients, we also pride ourselves on being effectively reactive when needed. Clients come to us with a variety of requests and we do comprehensive research to provide thorough responses.

Your dedicated Account Team

  • Our clients get to know us very well, and we love working with them. Each school has a minimum of two direct points of contact: a dedicated Account Manager that works exclusively with educational institutions, and an Account Executive that specializes working with schools.
  • We are constantly learning, but it is rare that our team is faced with a scenario at a school that we haven’t worked through in the past.