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Regardless of what type of industry you are in, are you the type of organization that wants to have more direct control over stabilizing your insurance pricing by reducing insurance losses? If you are committed to an increased awareness of risk management to help control your bottom line, an alternative financing model might make sense for you.  See the information below on alternative funding models and captive insurance programs.

Captives & Alternative Financing

Advantages of alternative financing models:

  • Elimination of reliance on “insurance market conditions”
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Corporate budgeting headaches alleviated
  • Lower operating expenses
  • Direct credit for good claims experience
  • Increased cash flow and investment income
  • Greater understanding of need to manage risk in a controlled way

Types of alternative financing models:

  • Single Parent Captive Insurance Plans
  • Group Captive Plans
  • Agency Captive Plans
  • 831B Captives
  • Large Deductible Plans
  • Retrospective Rating Plans
  • Self-Insurance
  • Risk-Retention Groups

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