Keeping Your Services as Safe as Possible.

Non-Profits can be one of the most challenging classes of business insurance. We’ll work hard to understand what makes your communities unique, ensuring your operations are as safe as possible so you can keep doing what you do best.

Are You Aware of the Risks You May be Facing?

Lawsuits from Professional Services Providers

Our clients provide a wide range of clinical services including medical treatment, mental health counseling, addiction treatment, special education services, adoption and foster family placement.

Client Abuse Allegations

The nature of providing clinical services for clients in residential, outpatient, and educational settings increases an organization’s exposure to claims of abuse.

Worker’s Compensation & Employee Safety

Health & Human Service providers face many challenges regarding employee safety, such as injuries caused by patient handling/lifting, combative clients, employees traveling to multiple locations to provide services, and vehicle accidents.


How Can We Help You?

We specialize in this industry and work with hundreds of non-profits. Our team helps clients identify their exposures, design targeted risk management plans, and reduce and improve the claims experience.

See how we used a best-in-class risk management program to help a human services agency for children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens:

What was the situation?

The client had a 1.93 experience modification factor and averaged more than 100 reportable injuries and incidents per year. They had paid more than $200K in workers’ compensation premiums, and had fallen into the involuntary-assigned risk pool.

What did we do?

As soon as we began working with the client in 2004, we identified their risks and subsequently implemented a best-in-class Enterprise Risk Management program to help reduce reportable claims to fewer than 20 per year, and improve experience modification factors to 1.25 in 5 years.

What did the client get?

The improved client profile generated insurer competition by attracting interest from multiple insurance companies. The client also ended up joining a self-insured group, thereby reducing their premium by more than $125K per year. But most importantly, their employees were staying safer and not missing work.

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