We live and breathe in the education world.

We work with more than 200 schools, colleges and universities, which gives us a unique knowledge of the risks associated with educational institutions.

Have Confidence in Our Expertise
Our clients range from large universities with thousands of students to small day schools with fewer than twenty students. Working with a variety of different types of institutions gives us the ability to help you handle the situations that arise daily on your campus.

Get the Power of Data with Peer Institution Benchmarking
Working with 200+ educational institutions gives us the advantage of utilizing very specific benchmarking data to help you make informed decisions. Our client-blind and confidential database encompasses rates, premiums, limits of liability, coverages, deductibles and building values and cost.

How does this help you?
Market Knowledge – We know the market and provide very specific pricing targets to our underwriters when constructing your insurance program
Decision Making – It allows you to make more educated and informed decisions about how to structure and buy your insurance.

Risk forums and roundtables

  • We attend many of the same education conferences and seminars as you to stay up to date on emerging risks in the education world. We regularly schedule and host informational sessions leveraging our large client group to bring schools together and share best practices.
  • Subject matter experts that work with schools are invited to bring schools up to speed on emerging risks in the education space.

Set Up A Meeting


Need more information? We have lots of resources designed to help you navigate what you need for your particular industry.

Proactive hands-on service philosophy

  • While schools share many similar characteristics, we understand that each institution has their own identity that makes it special. Our hands-on approach allows us to become part of your community and understand specifically what makes your school special.
  • Ways we get involved:

    Attend Safety Committee meetings

    Perform campus enterprise risk assessments

    Review written programs

    Attend board meetings

    Coordinate training programs with client insurers

Responsive Research

  • While we always strive to be proactive with our clients, we also pride ourselves on being effectively reactive when needed. Clients come to us with a variety of requests, and we conduct the comprehensive research to provide thorough, educated responses.

Your Dedicated Account Team

  • Our clients get to know us very well, and we love working with them. Each school has a minimum of two direct points of contact: a dedicated Account Manager who works exclusively with educational institutions, and an Account Executive who specializes in working with schools.
  • We are constantly learning, but it is rare that our team is faced with a scenario at a school that we haven’t worked through in the past.

We love visiting campuses and learning about what makes each school special. Our education team would like the opportunity to get to know your institution.

Experiential Education

Backpacking in the Maine woods? Rock climbing in Arizona? Sailing in Mexico? We understand that modern day education is changing. Instead of exclusively learning in a classroom, students are taking advantage of unique opportunities to learn all over the world. While many students are exploring alternative learning opportunities, organizations are simultaneously being held to a higher duty of care standard for keeping students safe during alternative learning programs. Our experience working with experiential education organizations allows us to help you embrace the adventure outside the classroom with the right coverage and knowledge of how to evaluate and mitigate risk. Every organization and trip is different. We work with our clients to fully understand the risks associated with their trips and implement strategies to minimize the potential exposure of those risks.