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Understanding your business is our number one objective. We help you identify your business risks and make informed decisions about which coverages you need.

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Alternative Financing Models

Would you rather contribute to your own bottom line rather than someone else’s? If you are confident in your ability to manage risk effectively and control your losses, then a captive, self-insurance, or large-deductible approach might be right for you.




Cyber Insurance

Keep your sensitive and personal information safe from the growing sophistication of cyber criminals. A breach can be costly to you and your business not just in dollars, but in time and reputation. Partnering with the right cyber insurer can help you minimize the impact of a breach.



Property Insurance

Unexpected accidents and weather events can cause serious damage to your physical assets. Don’t let an unforeseen situation stall your operations. Recover quickly and get back to business with coverage tailored to your property and line of work.



General Liability

It’s not uncommon for large lawsuits to be brought against companies for negligence in a variety of areas. We’ll help you understand potential areas of loss so you have the most appropriate liability coverage in the event of a legal situation.



Professional Liability

Your advice to your clients is valuable, but mistakes can still happen. Insuring against errors and omissions helps protect your organization from potentially severe damages.



Directors & Officers Liability

Businesses are complex, and so is the legal and regulatory environment that surrounds them. Serving on the board of an organization puts your individual assets at risk, Directors and Officers insurance can help transfer the individual risk that directors take on as part of their duties.

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace injuries happen, and you want to be able to provide your employees the right compensation and support to help them get healthy and get back to work. The right workers’ compensation partner helps you promote safety on the job, and get employees back to work in the event of an injury.



Employment Practices Liability

Employment related lawsuits against companies continue to increase. Having the right coverage and support in place can help you deal with these sensitive scenarios when they arise.



Product Liability

There are risks associated with consumer use of manufactured, sold, and distributed products. A customized product liability policy can protect against these risks and act as a valuable risk transfer mechanism.


Travel Insurance

Do your employees travel domestically or abroad for work? An accidental death and dismemberment benefit is a valuable option to provide employees who are traveling for business.

We also offer additional coverages for trip cancellations, medical insurance or group travel.

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