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Congratulations to Veasna Sok for achieving her CPPL insurance designation!
Dec 23, 2013

Veasna Sok has achieved the insurance designation of CPPL. The Certified Professional in Personal Lines designation program consists of five parts – nine days of classes and five exams. Veasna is a Personal Lines Account Manager in the agency’s Lowell office. She has been with the agency for two years, is a licensed insurance producer and holds the CISR designation.

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Safety violations present at Texas fertilizer plant
Oct 15, 2013

The West, Texas fertilizer plant that was the site of a massive explosion in April was recently cited for numerous safety violations, despite a statement from the company that the cause of the disaster was unrelated.

The blast resulted in the death of 15 people and injured more than 300, according to The Associated Press. Operated by Adair Grain, Inc., the disaster is being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Proper risk management is crucial for any business, and in...

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More U.S. homes at risk from wildfires
Oct 14, 2013

Business and property owners are often faced with a number of challenges on a daily basis. Hazards can come from any direction, and one growing threat is the danger of wildfires all across the U.S.

More houses and buildings are at risk, and a comprehensive business insurance policy or high value home insurance could be a sound strategy for financial protection in the event of a natural disaster. However, homeowners should also take risk management steps before anything could happen.

Number of...

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Shutdown may mean more business risk
Oct 9, 2013

While risk management is important at all times during the year, it may be even more crucial now, as the budget impasse has led to a partial government shutdown.

At the moment, many crucial operations are at a standstill. This includes safety inspectors for several organizations, which means that businesses may want to double check their risk management strategies to ensure that workplace security is at its highest standard.

Less employees may hamper oversight
While Federal...

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Tips for a business to manage risk successfully
Oct 8, 2013

A business insurance policy could cover many different things, but even the most comprehensive plan can be helped along with some proper risk management from the company itself.

In today's Internet age, a number of firms are raising concerns about reputation and threats to other aspects, which may signal a time for more people to take the correct steps to ensure a business is operating safely and securely.

Reputation is worth protecting
A certified risk manager is an...

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New technology popular for vehicle safety
Oct 7, 2013

When most people think of vehicle safety, they first consider the engineers, the brand and the overall structural integrity of the vehicle. However, a lot of new technology is gaining popularity in the industry when it comes to personal safety and risk management

An auto insurance quote may be drastically reduced if the driver can stay out of accidents and be responsible on the road. Technology can be a big boost to that goal, and a number of automakers are implementing cutting-edge devices into their...

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Tropical storm approaches, businesses should look to risk management
Oct 4, 2013

Potentially major weather events can target companies across the world. That makes risk management - as well as a comprehensive business insurance policy - a must ahead of any serious storm.

Hurricane season is a dangerous time for property owners along the Eastern Seaboard. Tropical storms can quickly become much stronger and cause severe damage at a moment's notice. However, there are many great precautionary steps people can take in order to protect themselves and their business.


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Usage-based auto insurance gains ground, despite concerns
Oct 3, 2013

An auto insurance quote can be related to many different things. But for some drivers, the price they are deciding to pay is now connected to how far they drive.

This is called usage-based auto insurance, and it is quickly becoming a viable option for both an insurance agency and the consumer. It is easy for people to see why the concept is popular - the price paid monthly can be lowered if the driver is less aggressive or travels shorter distances, among other aspects.

However, there are...

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Businesses, homeowners prepare for higher flood insurance premiums
Oct 2, 2013

Flood insurance is a highly valuable coverage aspect for many along the East Coast. A growing threat of rising waters makes precautionary steps that much more important, and risk management before a flood is a valuable step to overall protection.

However, an insurance agency might soon be dealing with greater flood insurance premiums, as recent legislation is making homeowners change how they approach their policies.


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States look to cut back on texting while driving
Oct 1, 2013

Texting while driving is dangerous. Distracted motorists across the country increase the likelihood of an accident, and an insurance agency is often faced with claims resulting from texting drivers taking their eyes from the road and to their mobile device.

On a personal level, risk management is highly important for cutting back on dangerous driving situations like this. Additionally, many states are also looking for unique...

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